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Research Guides

Citation Management Software: Organizing Citations

A guide to the commonly used citation - or reference - management software available to the U-Idaho community.

Organizing Citations

Organizing Citations:

  • In Zotero, all new references are added to "My Library" unless you have selected a folder - called a "collection" - at the time you added the references. To create collections by clicking on the folder icon with plus sign icon on the left. This allows you to organize your library. You can also create subfolders within those folders.
  • You may also add “tags” to your items. Tags are words you chose to describe your item. You can then search your tags to pull out all items you have tagged with a specific word.


Working with Attachments:

  • Files can be attached to references. Right-click on a reference to view the context menu, then click on Add Attachment to see the various ways you can attach a file. If you have a PDF stored on your computer, you can attach it via Attach Stored Copy of File... Otherwise, you can link to a file online or link to a specific URI, such as a persistent link in a database.