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Citation Management Software: Organizing Citations

A guide to the commonly used citation - or reference - management software available to the U-Idaho community.

Organizing Citations

Organizing Citations:

  • Create groups to organize your references. By default, all newly added references will start in the Unfiled section.


  • Edit -> Preferences will provide you with all the options to customize Endnote to your workflow.
  • To add Endnote Web compatibility, click on 'configure' under the Endnote Web section. You will need to provide your Endnote Web login/password.  If you have not registered for Endnote Web, do this first.  This will allow you to synchronize with your Endnote web library.  Once it is set up, 'configure' becomes 'transfer' and you can send references back and forth.
  • To find the full-text of articles, enter the library’s proxy server information in the Preferences menu. Contact the library to get help doing this. This will enable the search functions of Endnote to go through UI’s server and authenticate your access to journals and databases like in the example below.  Beware; it doesn't always work.
Endnote-attachments2 Endnote-fulltext1

Working with Attachments:

  • Right-click on a selected reference to pull up the context menu.  Then select File Attachments -> Attach File... to attach a document to that reference.  It will look the same as in the above-right image once successful.