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Board Game Collection: Heroica: Waldurk (Lego)

A guide to information about the University of Idaho's board game collection and the the games that are a part of it

Heroica: Waldurk (Lego)

Heroica: Waldurk box

LEGO's Heroica series represents a classic dungeon game. The players move through tunnels, collecting treasure and fighting enemies. Conflict is resolved by dice rolls; the die results can be a number or a symbol, which might allow the player to use a special weapons. Instead of a character sheet, the players have equipment "backpacks" which can be filled with weapons, potions, keys, etc., depending on what they find during their adventure.

Heroica: Waldurk has a forest theme. Players move over narrow forest paths, trying to fight the giant spiders blocking their way.




20 min 


Adventure, Fantasy 


Dice rolling, Modular board, Roll and move 


How to play Video

Rules of play PDF