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Board Game Collection: Munchkin Quest

A guide to information about the University of Idaho's board game collection and the the games that are a part of it

Munchkin Quest

Munchkin Quest game boxKill the monster, grab the treasure, stab your buddy. That's what it's all about.

You'll build your dungeon, a room at a time, from 24 heavy, double-sided tiles. Each shows a different room . . . some are good for certain characters, some are bad. Populate it with monster standies and let your munchkins run amok!

Cooperate with the whole group, adventure with a partner, or strike out on your own. You don't know what's behind a door until you open it . . . then another room is added to the dungeon. Battle monsters for power and treasure, or send them after your friends. Reach Level 10, and then get out alive if you can . . .




180 min


Adventure, Dungeon Exploring, Fantasy, Fighting


Dice rolling, Modular board, Roll playing


How to play Video

Rules of play PDF