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Board Game Collection: Playing Virtually

A guide to information about the University of Idaho's board game collection and the the games that are a part of it

You don't have to give up board gaming if you're not in the same place as the people you want to play with! There are plenty of virtual options out there from solo games, games that you can play with people around the world and games that you can play with friends over a Zoom call.

We've compiled a select list below but you can also take a look at guides that others have created to find a bunch more!

Below you can find links to lists that people have created of ways that people can play games while social distancing. They include games that are completely online, games where you print out the pieces and play over conferencing, ways to play games that you already own at a distance, and games you can play by yourself.

Completely Online

Physical Component

For these games, video conferencing software will be needed for all participants and one participant will need to have a physical version of the game. That person will need to aim their camera at the game.


Scattergories game boxScattergories

The person who has the game will position their camera so that other participants will be able to see the top of the die, the list (they can use one of the provided stands), and the timer. They will be in charge of rolling the die to choose the letter and flipping the timer. All participants will need their own paper divided into 3 columns and something to write with. Otherwise follow the regular rule instructions. They can be found in the Rules section of the Scattergories page of the guide.


Big Boggle Game Image


The person who has the game will aim their camera at the game from above. They will also be in charge of shaking the boggle box and flipping the timer. All players will need paper and something to write with. Otherwise the game is played the same. Rules for clue can be found on the Boggle page of the guide.


Clue game boxClue

In this game the person who has the game will act as the facilitator. They will not be be playing in the game. Player need to be able to communicate privately. The facilitator will deal out the cards according to the game instructions. They will then look at each of the hands and privately message players their clues. When players are sharing clues, the facilitator will message the player the chosen clue from the selected card. The facilitator will also move the pieces around the board.

Otherwise the game is played the same. Players can keep track of the clues they know about using the Clue Game sheets found in the rules section of the Clue page of this guide.