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Diversity: Gender



Gender refers to the social and psychological aspects of sex identity, as opposed to a person's biological sex. This section collects a sampling of resources dealing with gender, feminism, masculinity studies, sexuality studies, etc. See the tab for Sexual Orientation for related resources.


Here is a small sample of books in the UI Library about gender and diversity issues. Search the UI online catalog for more titles.


To find peer-reviewed (also called scholarly or academic) articles the best place to look are the library databases.  Most of these databases also have popular (newspaper and magazine) articles as well as reports, books, reviews and more.

Finding Full Text Articles

While some databases include the full text of articles, others only provide citations. Citations may include the 360 link to help you find full text through other sources.

When an article in a database does not include full text, click on the 360 Link to Full Text button. 

You may be redirected to a different database, to the library's print holdings, or to interlibrary loan.

If you have any problems, ask a librarian for help.