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Music: Navigating the Library

Music: Call Number Subject Structure

Books are located on the library's 2nd (T-Z), 3rd (H-S), and 4th (A-G) floors organized by the Library of Congress Classification system. Search for books using the library catalog.


Call Number Areas to Browse

Description Call # Floor
Scores M 3rd
Music literature ML 3rd
Music instruction MT 3rd
Music periodicals   Per M 2nd
Music reference Ref M 2nd
CDs Compact Disc M 3rd
LPs Phonodisc M 3rd

Library Floors

There are different noise levels allowed on the Library Floors:

  • First & Second Floors: Individual and Group Study (quiet discussion allowed)
  • Third & Fourth Floors: Quiet Study (patrons must be silent)

Music Materials (books, scores, CDs, LPs) are located on the third floor.

View floor maps on the Library's website:

Loanable Equipment

The library loans more than just books! Students, staff, and faculty may check out a wide range of equipment, including field recorders and USB microphones: Inquire about checking out this equipment at the first floor circulation desk.

First Floor: Book Scanner

The library's book scanner on the first floor is conveniently located for anyone to use. It scans books and scores quickly (keep in mind that while copyright law allows you to practice using scanned scores, you cannot legally perform from a score that you do not own yourself, scanned or otherwise).

University of Idaho Library first floor scanner

Second Floor: Audio/Visual Studio

Located on the second floor, the Studio offers dedicated space to record, edit, or digitize audiovisual content. Here's a list of the Studio's equipment: A turntable can be supplied in the Studio for listening to records, but you'll need to first email to ask about its availability.

To use the Studio, you'll first need to reserve the room here:

Have a question about the Studio? Check out the Studio FAQs or email