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Gary Strong Curriculum Center - College of Education, Health and Human Sciences: Fall 2017 GSCC Report

Gary Strong Curriculum Center - Fall 2017 Report

During the Fall 2017 semester the Gary Strong Curriculum Center was open Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 5pm and Friday from 8:00am-4:00pm. The Curriculum Center has one full-time staff person and the Education Librarian assigned from the main library for 20 hours a week. The Education Librarian was available in the Curriculum Center Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and by appointment. The data reported below is from July 1st to December 31th 2017.

Curriculum Center webpage 

Curriculum Center Library guide:

Fall 2017 Projects & Accomplishments

These were projects and accomplishments that the Curriculum Center worked on during the Fall 2017 semester:

  • Received and processed new curriculum materials for the Social Sciences in October 2017. 
  • Planned and held 2nd annual Banned Book Week outreach: 
  • Moved duplicate Praxis study guides to main curriculum center collection
  • Received the remaining furniture to complete space and new drop box / printer console.
  • Decided to end the GIS space assessment project.
  • Create new workflow documentation and instructions.
  • Attended departmental meetings in most areas of College of Education
  • Suspended project to lend materials to main Library for display in Fall semester because of library remodel.
  • The new printer was jamming up -- seeking a replacement or solution
  • Held workshop series:
    • What Works Clearing House / ERIC / Novelist / LILI

Anticipated Spring 2018 Projects:

  • Create READ posters
  • Hold Louis Braille "birthday" outreach event for Talking Book Service
  • Assist the Graduate & Professioanl Student Association of ASUI with diversity reading event 
  • Continue to evaluate  the Native American section of Curriculum Center
  • More outreach for Open Educational Resources
  • Continue to build relationship and increase outreach to Movement Sciences faculty/students
  • Hire additional student help to assist with lunch coverage
  • Continue to promote LiLI within CoEHHS

Fall 2017 Library Instruction with Education Students

The Curriculum Center and Education Librarian is committed to contributing to the learning mission of the University of Idaho. The Library offers library instruction for both undergraduates and graduate students geared toward increasing information literacy and research skills as outlined in the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education

In the Fall of 2017, the Education librarian taught 5 library instruction sessions specifically for College of Education, Health & Human Sciences classes.  These sessions reached 179 students. During the Fall semester, instruction reached approximately 14% of CoHHS students enrolled. Not included in the statistics is an ISEM 101 course that was also taught.


Data Source(s): Instruction data from library instruction reporting spreadsheet. Enrollment data is from the University of Idaho Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Office 

Patron Interactions Fall 2017

The Curriculum Center offers assistance to students, faculty, staff, and community members to meet their information, research, and learning needs. 

There were 296 direct patron interactions recorded in the Reference Analytics tool in Fall of 2017. These interactions included answering questions from patrons, providing directions, and assisting with research-related needs. The majority of these encounters were with students (69%). Below is a breakdown of interaction by patron type for Fall 2017:

Data source: LibAnswers 

Fall 2017 Curriculum Center Space Usage

The Curriculum Center does not have an automated gate counter to gather data on how many patrons visit the space. We are continuing to experiment with different methods to gather data on how the Curriculum Spaces are being used. In the Fall of 2017, we recorded our observations of space usage into a Google spreadsheet.

There were 4740 observations of patrons using the Curriculum Center in Fall 2017.  Below is breakdown by type of usage:

Data source: Curriculum Center Google Spreadsheet

Fall 2017 Curriculum Center Collections and Materials

The Curriculum Center contains K-12 curriculum materials for the State of Idaho, reading and research materials that support College of Education programs, and technology such as laptops, iPad, and other devices to support student/faculty needs. 

At the end of the Fall 2017, the Curriculum Center had 21,243  items in its collection which is a decrease of 182 items from Spring 2017 (21,425).

1251 items from the Curriculum Center circulated in Fall 2017:

Data Source: Alma Analytics Curriculum Center Dashboard

The Curriculum Center mainly circulates three types of items. 1. K-12 Curriculum Materials adopted by the State of Idaho. 2. Items found in the Curriculum Center's main collection that support reading, literacy development, and education research. 3. Materials put on Reserves for limited duration checkout such as technology, Praxis study aids, and course-related readings.

Data Source: Alma Analytics Curriculum Center Dashboard

The Curriculum Center, in collaboration with the Doceo Center, circulates various technology and equipment to aid in learning, research, and teaching. These items include laptops, ipads, digital tools, and also physical items like tripods and markers.

Data Source: Alma Analytics Curriculum Center Dashboard

Fall 2017 Education Items Circulation from Main Collection

The main library maintains a collection of education monographs and research materials found  on the 3rd floor in sections L through LT of the Library of Congress Classification System. In the Fall of 2017, the library recorded 993 items circulated from this collection. 

Data Source: Alma Analytics Curriculum Center Dashboard


Fall 2017 College of Education Team Room Checkouts

The Curriculum Center coordinated circulation of Team Room boxes for the study spaces in the College of Education. These boxes were checked out 91 times during Fall 2017. During the Spring 2017 semester the study rooms were unlocked during the day so the Team Room boxes are no longer a complete measure of usage.

Data Source: Alma Analytics Curriculum Center Dashboard

Education Collection Development Fall 2017

The Library undertakes collection development to build lasting and useful materials for College of Education, Health & Human Sciences students, faculty, and researchers. In Fall 2017, 508 books were added to the Curriculum Center and main library collections. New curriculum adoption materials for the Social Sciences arrived from publishers for the 5 year adoption cycle and 356 items were added in curricular materials.. 120 books were added to the main collection for the LC subject area of Education. The Education librarian purchases materials from funds designated for three areas - Education, Physical Education, and Curriculum Center.

New Education Books

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