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FS 110: Introduction to Food Science: Websites

About Websites

Why          for finding specific information on your topic
What statistics, reports, some articles
How when searching for information through the Web, make sure to critically evaluate your sources. Trusted sites such ending in .gov, .mil, and .edu are recommended. Remember you can also use boolean operators to refine your search results!

Evaluating Websites

If you are using Google to search for quality websites, you can use the "CRAAP" test to help you evaluate the information sources you find.

Currency – How up-to-date is the information?

Relevance – Is the information directly about your topic?  Is it too simple?  Too complex?

Authority – Who is the author?  What are his/her credentials?  Where was the information published?

Accuracy – Where does the information come from?  Is it consistent with unrelated sources?

Purpose – Why was this information published