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Research Guides

Off-Campus Access: Find Articles

This guide provides information about using the University of Idaho Library from outside of the library building.

Why Use Articles?

Articles usually provide information that is more specific and narrow in focus than that found in books. Many are easily accessible online or in library databases.

More Information

Types of Articles

The University of Idaho Library provides access to hundreds of subscription databases, which will lead you to journal, magazine, and newspaper articles on almost any topic. UI students, faculty, and staff can access these databases from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

Peer Reviewed (Scholarly or Refereed) Journal Articles

  • Have been reviewed and critiqued by other experts in the author's field
  • Are highly respected in the academic world
  • Usually have footnotes, endnotes, or bibliographies
  • Usually include an abstract
  • Include author's credentials and institutional affiliation

Magazine Articles

  • Are written for the general public
  • Usually contain advertising
  • Are reviewed by editors
  • Do not include sources
  • Are often commercially published