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Research Guides

Forest and Fire Sciences

Guide to resources to support the learning, teaching and research in the forest resources and fire ecology programs of the U-Idaho College of Natural Resources.

Article Databases

CAB Direct (includes the database 'Forest Science')
Most comprehensive database for forest-related topics. Contains abstracts for articles, proceedings, book chapters, and more.

From the National Agricultural Library, Agricola provides citations to articles and reports on agriculture and forestry.

A database for locating and delivering publications by Research and Development scientists in the USDA Forest Service from the different research stations.

FS Info
US Forest Service Library's online index of natural resources literature, including Forest Service Publications. Some citations have links to full text; some do not.

Web of Science
The UI Library subscription to Web of Science contains Science Citation Index and Social Sciences Citation Index. Together, they index many of the top journals in all science and most social science disciplines.

Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management
Abstracts and citations covering the environmental sciences are drawn from over 10,000 scientific journals and thousands of other sources including conference proceedings, reports, monographs, books and government publications.

ScienceDirect (Elsevier)
Provides access to the full-text of articles in journals published by Elsevier Science. UI journal subscriptions are indicated by a green icon in the journal listing.

Environmental History Bibliography
Produced by the Forest History Society, the Environmental History Bibliography covers approximately 40,000 annotated citations to literature dealing with environmental, and forest, history. Citations are from books, articles, and dissertations from 1633 to the present. No, that's not a typo. 1633.

From the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), AGRIS is an international cooperative system that provides citations to journal literature, theses, reports and other publications in the agricultural sciences. CARIS is an international cooperative system that provides citations to current research in all aspects of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, nutrition, rural development, agricultural economics, and topics in environmental and natural resource areas as they apply to agriculture.

Finding Fulltext Articles

Some databases only provide citations, not the fulltext of the article.  Look for this icon:

Click it to see options for viewing the fulltext. 

You may be redirected to a different database, to the library's print holdings, or to interlibrary loan.

Using DOIs

One of the easiest ways to find journal literature is to use the Digital Object Identifier, or DOI.  These are assigned to individual articles by most publishers and usually look something like this:


You can use the service to easily link directly to the article.  The best part is - these are designed to be permanent!  No need to worry about long URLs that might change down the road.  They are also increasingly accepted as a part of citation formats.

Google Scholar @ UI

Want to use Google Scholar to find articles?

Go to Scholar Preferences and scroll down to "Library Links". Type "University of Idaho" in the search box, and select both "University of Idaho-U Idaho 360 Link" and "Open WorldCat-Library Search". Scroll down and save changes. This will allow Google Scholar to cross-check some of our subscriptions and give you full-text access with your UI log-in.