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Research Guides

Journalism and Mass Media (JAMM) 446 [Blevins]: Utilize Research Strategies

Research Strategies

Type your search terms into the search box in a Library database or Google Scholar to find articles related to the topic.

Search trick Description Example

AND (in capital letters)

*In Google Scholar, putting the search terms next to each other works the same as AND

Each search result will contain all keywords

Example: gender AND media

Google Scholar Example: gender media

"Quotation marks" Each search result will contain the exact phrase

Example: "video games"

OR (in capital letters) and parentheses () Each search result will contain at least one of the keywords used

Example: (portrayal OR depiction)

Asterisk * Each result will include variations of the root of the keyword

Example: sexis*

Results will include the following words: sexism and sexist

Combine AND, quotation marks, OR and parentheses, and asterisks to create a more complex searches.

Example: gender AND "video games" AND (portrayal OR depiction OR representation)