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Biology 114: Organisms & Environments: Home

A guide to biological sciences resources available at the University of Idaho Library

BIO 114 Starting Points

Rare Book Division, The New York Public Library. (1817 - 1820). 

Gentiana Catesbæi. (Blue Gentian). 

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Tips for Searching the Library Catalog:

  • Choose the search scope by selecting either UI + Summit + Articles (all materials); UI + Summit (items owned by UI and member libraries); or UI Library Only (items owned only by the UI Library).   

  • Limiting your search: Start with a basic search and once you find a book that seems to be about your topic, you can use the format and/or other options located on the left to further narrow your search.

  • On the Advanced Search page, the year, language, and location (to name a few options) of items can be limited.

  • Subject headings can be a great way to narrow in on your topic.

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