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Poster Presentations: Printing your Poster

UIdaho Printing Services


The University of Idaho Copy and Print Center can print, laminate, and mount posters. The typical turnaround time is one business day/24 hrs; however, you should print your poster several days in advance to account for busy times and reprinting in case of an error. If necessary, 4-hour printing is available with a RUSH FEE. Please see the Copy & Print Center's Large Format Printing page for more information. Submit jobs to the Copy & Print Center Job Submission site.

If you are using the Idaho Commons Copy & Print Center, your poster must be set at the size to be printed at and saved as a PDF.

If the presentation is designed in PowerPoint please see How To Set Up a Custom Design Slide Size, before you make the poster. UI logos and Templates are found on the UI Brand Resources page.


Some Details

There are two widths of rolled stock used, 36” and 42”. The printers do not print all the way to the edge so there needs to be a ¼” margin. If you want your image to have no white borders, called a “Full Bleed”, there will be a trim charge applied.

If you want the poster to be printed the most economical way, set the margins to no great than 35.4” or 47.2”. Images can be rotated to best fit stock. If the image needs to be exactly 36”, with no white margin, then it will be printed on the larger 42” stock.

(for pricing, please send people to the

If your event requires a specific paper, use the required type. If your poster is image heavy, Satin Photo Paper is recommended. Otherwise, you should use Heavy Weight Coated. 


Lamination can make your poster more professional, but it costs more. If your event requires lamination, have it laminated. If your poster will be presented more than once or displayed after the event, lamination is recommended. Lamination is only available for 36" maximum width and is generally 1 business day/24hr, M-F.

  • Satin lamination is the default option due to the non-glare coating. Gloss is available upon request.


Mounting onto either white or black foam core can make your poster more professional. If your event requires mounting, the default is a satin laminated poster on white foam core. Please contact the Copy & Print Center in the Idaho Student Union Building for other options and pricing or refer to the Large Format Printing Brochure.  (check link for update)

To Print

Submit the request to the Copy & Print Center Job Submission website. Make sure your poster is saved as a PDF file and check the dimensions before submitting. 


When classes are in session (Fall/Spring Semesters): 

  • Monday-Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm

Inter-term and Summer:

  • Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

University-observed Holidays:

  • Closed