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Dance 101: Finding Books

Library of Congress Classification

GV1-1860  Recreation.  Leisure
GV181.35-181.6  Recreation leadership.  Administration of recreation services
GV182-182.5  Recreational areas and facilities.  Recreation centers
GV191.2-200.66  Outdoor life.  Outdoor recreation
GV191.68-198.975  Camping
GV198.945-198.975  Farm vacations, dude ranches, etc.
GV199-199.62  Hiking.  Pedestrian tours
GV199.8-200.35  Mountaineering
GV200.4-200.56  Orienteering. Wilderness survival
GV200.6-200.66  Caving.  Spelunking
GV201-555  Physical education and training
GV346-351.5  School and college athletics.  Intramural
and interscholastic athletics
GV401-433  Physical education facilities.  Sports facilities
Including gymnasiums, athletic fields,
playgrounds, etc.
GV435-436.7  Physical measurements.  Physical tests, etc.

GV557-1198.995  Sports
GV711  Coaching
GV712-725  Athletic contests.  Sports events
GV733-734.5  Professionalism in sports.  Professional sports (General)
GV735  Umpires.  Sports officiating
GV743-749  Athletic and sporting goods, supplies, etc.
GV750-770.27  Air sports: Airplane flying, kiteflying, bungee jumping, etc.
GV770.3-840  Water sports: Canoeing, sailing, yachting, scuba
diving, etc.
GV840.7-857  Winter sports: Ice hockey, skiing, bobsledding,
snowmobiling, etc.
GV861-1017  Ball games: Baseball, football, golf, etc.
GV1020-1034  Automobile travel.  Motoring.  Automobile racing
GV1040-1060.4  Cycling.  Bicycling.  Motorcycling
GV1060.5-1098  Track and field athletics
GV1100-1150.9  Fighting sports: Bullfighting, boxing, fencing, etc.
GV1151-1190  Shooting.  Archery
GV1195-1198.995  Wrestling

GV1580-1799.4  Dancing

Search the Library Catalog

Tips for Searching the Library Catalog:

  • Choose the search scope by selecting either UI + Summit + Articles (all materials); UI + Summit (items owned by UI and member libraries); or UI Library Only (items owned only by the UI Library).   
  • Limiting your search: Start with a basic search and once you find a book that seems to be about your topic, you can use the format and/or other options located on the left to further narrow your search.
  • On the Advanced Search page, the year, language, and location (to name a few options) of items can be limited.
  • Subject headings can be a great way to narrow in on your topic.

What is Primo?

What are you searching when you use Primo, the library's catalog? 

  • +Summit + Articles (Default): This searches print books at all libraries in the Orbis Cascade Alliance, print and ebooks from the University of Idaho Library (Main Library, Law Library, IMTC, Women's Center, and Herbarium), and articles from SOME of the library's databases. 
  • +Summit: This searches print books at all libraries in the OCA and print and ebooks from the University of Idaho Library.
  • +UI Library: This searches print and ebooks from the University of Idaho Library.

VIDEO Option: Introduction to Primo 

If you are interested in requesting print books be sent to your off-campus address, please view the Distance Education LibGuide to learn more. 

Finding eBooks

Ebooks can be accessed through Primo. Just use the filters on the left side of the screen to limit your search to ebooks. 

Ebooks are available through various providers with different user options. To view the options of your ebook provider, visit our ebook guide.

Some ebook packages will require downloading Adobe Digital Editions (free).

Subject Guide

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Managing Your Sources