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Interior Design: Find Books

Highlights print and electronic resources available at the UI Library and beyond for finding books, articles and images.

Floor Maps

To find library items

Take a look at our library floor maps

Can I Order Books from Other Libraries?

Yes! If you want something we don't own, we can always order it for you from another library at no cost to you. 

How can  you tell whether we own something or not? In most cases, a yellow dot will appear next to an item that we don't own, but that is owned by one of our partner libraries. Follow these steps to request an item:

  1. Sign in, either upon your initial catalog search, or by clicking "Sign In" in the upper right hand corner of the results page
  2. Choose the "Find It" tab listed underneath the item record.
  3. Choose "Place Summit Request".
  4. Once your request is submitted, it will be processed and one of our partner libraries will send a copy to our library within 3-5 business days. 

If Summit does not own the item, or you can't find it in our catalog, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan. You can fill out a registration form to get started; once signed in, you can place new requests by format using the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. 

See this page for examples of what to look for.

Citing Books

Need help citing resources for a paper?

Try using Purdue University's Online Writing Program, which features a description of various citation styles and examples: see their APA Guide or MLA Guide for help. Examples for reference lists/bibliographies and in-text citations are listed in the left-hand sidebar of each page.

Interior Design Books @ UI

All call number ranges below fall under the general heading and range Decorative Arts / Interior Design [NK 1-9955]. All books will be located on the 3rd floor, with the exception of specific titles which may be located on our Oversize shelves on the 2nd floor.

Arts & Crafts Movement                                       NK 1135-1149.5

Decoration & Ornament                                        NK 1160-1590

Religious Art                                                         NK 1648-1678

Interior/House Decoration                                     NK 1700-2195

Furniture                                                              NK 2200-2750

Rugs & Carpets                                                     NK 2775-2898

Tapestries                                                             NK 2975-3049

Upholstery/Drapery                                               NK 3175-3296.3

Wallpapers                                                            NK 3375-3496.3

Ceramics                                                               NK 3700-4695

Costume                                                               NK 4700-4890

Glass                                                                    NK 5100-5440

Glyptic Arts                                                           NK 5500-6060

Metalwork                                                             NK 6400-8459

Textiles                                                                 NK 8800-9505.5

Woodwork                                                             NK 9600-9955

Search the Library Catalog

Tips for Searching the Library Catalog:

  • Choose the search scope by selecting either UI + Summit + Articles (all materials); UI + Summit (items owned by UI and member libraries); or UI Library Only (items owned only by the UI Library).   
  • Limiting your search: Start with a basic search and once you find a book that seems to be about your topic, you can use the format and/or other options located on the left to further narrow your search.
  • On the Advanced Search page, the year, language, and location (to name a few options) of items can be limited.
  • Subject headings can be a great way to narrow in on your topic.

Need Help Finding A Book on the Shelves?

The UI Library uses the Library of Congress Classification system to organize its books; you can find a good explanation of how to interpret one of these call numbers here, and browse call number categories on the Library of Congress website.

Need help finding books on the shelves in this building? Watch the brief video "Joe Vandal Finds a Book in the UI Library"!

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