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ART 216: Citing Images

Illustrates resources for finding images, poetry, and applying copyright principles to both.

Attributing vs. Citing

Both attributing and citing provide information about an image to help viewers find the original source. Use attribution when no citation style is required, and cite in MLA, APA, or Chicago style. Use the box below to find information about citing images, or use the contact info on the right for personalized help.

For visual examples of the differences between attributing and citing, visit the University of California Irvine's excellent Quick Reference Guide to citing images.

Citing Images

Remember, you need to cite any and all images you use, just like you would a book or article. For guidelines on how to appropriately attribute and cite an image, use the resources below.

How to Cite an Image

From the University of Cincinnati, this website outlines image citation for each citation style (MLA, APA, etc.).

MLA Citation Style: OWL @ Purdue

Scroll down to "Painting" to see examples of cited artwork in MLA style.

Visual Literacy

A research guide dedicated to visual literacy from UC Irvine, this page and its links provides some great information about copyright, attribution, and best practices for citing images.

Finding and Using Images

From Simon Fraser University, this guide shares information on how to find and use images, including citation and attribution. 

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