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Architecture: Find Images

Highlights article databases, print resources, and image banks of use to researchers in architecture and built environment disciplines.

John Hancock Tower

John Hancock Tower, Boston MA

Cobb, Henry, with I.M. Pei & Partners. 1976. John Hancock Tower. Boston, MA. Photograph taken by Werner Kunz; licensed under Non-Commercial Share-Alike Creative Commons. Retrieved from

Image Copyright

Not sure about image copyright? Check the helpful Copyright Information for Multimedia Materials from the University of Tennessee's library for guidelines and additional copyright resources. You can also read more about copyright and fair use on the UI Library's Copyright page.

Have an image but need info?

Try an open-source reverse image search using TinEye or Google's Reverse Image Search. Both places let you upload an image, refer to a URL, or download a Firefox or Chrome extension that allows users to right-click on an image.

Citing Images

Remember that you need to cite any images you use or reproduce, just like you would an article. The more information you can provide about an image, the better: the goal is to provide enough detail for viewers to be able to find the original image if desired. In general, this includes:

Creator of the Work. Title of the Work. (Year composed/created). Materials involved in completing the work (if known). Institution that houses the work. Retrieved Month, Day, Year from [permalink of website from which image was retrieved]. License (if applicable).

This can sometimes be complex and confusing. For help, refer to the sample images on this guide for examples, or click the "Citation Information" tab. For more detailed information on image citation and attribution, see these slides or contact Kristin Henrich (contact info @ right) for more info.

Image Resources on the Web

Have a favorite image resource you'd like to see listed? Use the contact information on the right to submit suggestions to Kristin Henrich, Art & Architecture Librarian.

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