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Physics: Books

A guide to physics resources available at the University of Idaho Library


Physics books can be checked out from the UI Library. They are arranged by Library of Congress call number. 

Physics is QC in the Library of Congress Classification system. These books can be found on the third floor of the library. 

Additional call numbers: Q (General Science); QA (Mathematics, Computer Sciences); QB (Astonomy); QD (Chemistry). 

If you need assistance finding a book, please visit the Reference Desk on the first floor of the library. 

Where to go in the Library

Library, Floor 3

Finding books at the UI Library

Search for books using the library catalog.

Books are located on the 4th (A-G), 3rd (H-S), and 2nd (T-Z) floors organized by the Library of Congress Classification system.


Call Number Areas to Browse in Physics:


Call # Areas

General Physics

QC 1-19

Mathematical Physics

QC 19-75

Weights & Measures

QC 81-114

Descriptive & Experimental Mechanics

QC 120-169

Atomic Physics

QC 170-220

Acoustics & Sound

QC 221-246


QC 251-338

Optics & Light

QC 350-467

Radiation Physics

QC 474-496

Electricity & Magnetism

QC 501-766

Nuclear & Particle Physics

QC 770-798

Geophysics & Cosmic Physics

QC 801-809


QC 811-849

Meteorology & Climatology

QC 851-999


QB 1-999


Joe Vandal Finds a Book

How do I Request a Book?

  1. Locate your book by searching our library catalog
  2. To view availability, click on Find it, and then Request (if the item is not available in our library). 
  3. Enter your user id and password.
  4. Verify that your request is complete and submit
  5. You will be notified when your book has arrived