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Welcome to the research guide for ISEM 101 Globalization!

This guide is designed to help you do research on ussues related to globalization.  If you need further assistance please feel free to contact Robert. ===>

Businesses outside the United States

This is the more straightforward of the two cases.  If your company is traded on a major securities exchange you can probably find some resources through a library database.  If your industry contains publically traded companies you can probably find some resources in the library databases. 

Businesses that operate across international borders

1. For industry reports, in Business Source Premiere you can often find a "Global" report.  (i.e. Accountancy Industry Profile: Global)  Alternately, you could look at the industry report for each country you are interested in.

2. Company reports are a little more variable.  Most often there will only be one company report associated with the home country of that company which hopefully addresses their international activities.  Sometimes you will find multiple country reports on one company.  If you are still choosing a company looking for one with "Global" in its name will make things a lot easier.

3. Sometimes a company will operate under a different name internationally.  For instance, the company we know as Kraft Foods in North America operates as Mendelez in other parts of the world.

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