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AGEC 101 - The Business of Agriculture: Guide to Research

This guide is created for students in AGEC 101 class.

Government Websites

Government websites often provide the most current statistics available on any given topic. The following U.S. Department of Agriculture websites are recommended for locating data and analysis of agricultural topics.

Tips for Citing Government Websites

When citing a government website:

  • The “author” of any government material is almost always the agency, office, committee, department, etc. — not an individual person.
  • U.S. Federal Government "authors" in citations should begin with "United States" or "U.S."

About This Guide

Creative Commons License
Welcome to the research guide for Ag Econ 101, The Business of Agriculture. Here you will find links to U.S. Government websites and other information for completing projects in this class. For more resources, consult the UI Library's Guide to Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology. 

When to Cite

Always cite when you . . .

  • Use another person’s idea, opinion
  • Refer to information that is not considered common knowledge
  • Use another person’s actual words
  • Paraphrase of another person’s spoken or written words

Questions? Refer to the UI Library's Guide to Avoiding PlagiarismThe Purdue OWL Writing Lab or ask for help from a UI librarian.

Why Cite?

Citing your sources . . .

  • Gives credit to authors for their ideas
  • Leads your readers to the sources you consulted
  • Lets your instructor know how you reached the conclusions in your paper
  • Shows the depth and scope of your research

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