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Research Guides

Creating Effective Library Research Assignments: Student Research Behavior

Project Information Literacy

Students often approach research differently than faculty, and their methods are affected by changing technology.  This page includes insights into students' thoughts,  behaviors and emotions when conducting research.

"Project Information Literacy is a national study about early adults and their information-seeking behaviors, competencies, and the challenges they face when conducting research in the digital age.

Based in University of Washington's iSchool, the large-scale research project investigates how early adults on different college campuses conduct research for course work and how they conduct "everyday research" for use in their daily lives."

The website includes lengthy reports, interviews, webcasts and short videos reporting research findings. These can provide insight into how our students behave when assigned a research project.

Project Information Literacy: Strategies

It's Complicated: What Students Say About Research and Writing Assignments

Project information Literacy: Frustrations