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Hit the Book(s) Club : Home

The home base for all information about the Book Club run and sponsored by the University of Idaho Library


Looking for something fun to read outside of classwork?

Like to talk about books with your friends?

Come join the library’s new book club!

A book club for students with reads decided by students.


We will read 2 books each semester and meet throughout the course of the book (every 100 pages or so) to discuss over hot beverages and yummy snacks! 

Book genres are chosen by students rolling our 3D printed genre dice. Once a genre a genre is chosen the students then get to vote on which book they would like to read from a list of 5-6 titles chosen by the Librarian. 

Email Tyler at to join the book club email list in order to be notified of meeting changes and when the free copies of the books are ready for pick up! You can also reach out to her with any questions or suggestions.